Montpelier, Indiana, is in the midst of an exciting transformation, and it’s all about the warm welcome it offers to residents and visitors alike. The city is proudly unveiling four brand-new Gateway signs, with two already standing tall on the east and north sides, and two more soon to grace the south and west edges. 

The first two signs, located on the east edge of the city along SR 18 and the north edge of the city, have already made a significant impact. These Gateway signs serve as beacons of hospitality, signaling to all who enter Montpelier that they are in a community that takes pride in its appearance and is eager to greet everyone with open arms.

As Montpelier continues its makeover journey, the remaining two signs are set to complete the quartet. One will proudly stand at the south edge of the city, extending a warm welcome to those approaching from that direction. The other will be strategically positioned along SR 18 on the west side, ensuring that travelers from all points of the compass are greeted with the same friendly embrace as they enter Montpelier.

These Gateway signs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of Montpelier but also embody the spirit of a community that values every person who passes through its borders. Montpelier is ready to showcase its transformation to the world, and these welcoming signs are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates as Montpelier’s new look continues to unfold, inviting all to experience the charm and hospitality of the Indiana town.