Welcome to Montpelier Indiana

A Great Place to Call Home!


Montpelier seeks to embrace our small-town charm by fostering a future that welcomes innovation while continuing to honor tradition. We are committed to creating a close-knit community where every resident is not just a neighbor but a cherished member of our extended family.




Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions and decision-making processes.

Public Service

Commitment to serving the needs and interests of the community with a focus on the holistic well-being of residents.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life: Enhancing the overall quality of life for residents through well-planned urban development, recreational opportunities, and cultural enrichment.


Preserving and celebrating the city’s cultural and historical heritage as a source of identity and community pride.

Local Economy

Supporting and promoting local businesses, entrepreneurship, and initiatives that contribute to the economic vitality of the city.

Learn Why Montpelier is a Great Place to Call Home

We think Montpelier, Indiana is a wonderful place to put down roots. To raise a family and find community. Review some quick facts below and be sure to take a look at the links we’ve provided to housing information, local businesses and happenings and education. It’s all part of the outstanding quality of life Montpelier, Indiana is proud to offer.

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