Welcome to Montpelier Indiana

A Great Place to Call Home!


Our mission is to build a thriving Montpelier through active, accessible, and able leadership that works for the people and with businesses.


Our vision is to make Montpelier a place that people and businesses can’t help but say “yes” to.



We believe in government that is:


Government should always be working, not waiting. We believe that Montpelier must pursue opportunity. Our leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve the City and anticipate and adapt to future conditions.


Government should always be reachable, not restricted. We believe that small city values should apply even at the highest levels. No one inside or outside Montpelier needs any special connections. Our City’s leaders are open and ready to answer you whenever you need help.


Government should always be leading, not lost. We believe in leadership that doesn’t need its handheld. Citizens should have confidence that their City has the capacity to meet their needs, and businesses should be able to view City leadership as a capable partner, not an obstacle.

Learn Why Montpelier is a Great Place to Call Home

We think Montpelier, Indiana is a wonderful place to put down roots. To raise a family and find community. Review some quick facts below and be sure to take a look at the links we’ve provided to housing information, local businesses and happenings and education. It’s all part of the outstanding quality of life Montpelier, Indiana is proud to offer.

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