Montpelier Youth Baseball

A very energetic group of community members met this past Saturday to choose a board and discuss the Montpelier Youth League. Since there had not been a proper board since 2019, that was first on the agenda. After everyone introduced themselves and what role they would like to play, discussion went on to choose a board.

Paul Novak, a former parks department employee in Michigan City has had experience in field maintenance, and he also expressed he was retired and had the time to put into the position. Since there was no discussion or any opposed Mr. Novak was appointed President. Brittany Nelson, expressed her interest in being on the board as well.

Brittany has two younger boys who are league age and wants to be a part of bringing back the league for them and the rest of the youth. With no further discussion or any opposition, Brittany was appointed as Vice President.

Sam Smith was interested in a board position as well, he was appointed the new Secretary and in charge of social media, with no opposition or discussion.

Michael McLain, local business owner, was interested in being a part and stepped up to take the Treasurer position as well as taking care of all marketing.

Discussion on what has already been done and what still needs done was brought up. Mayor Brad Neff, let everyone know there would be new water lines run to the concession stand. The electric had been looked at and will be turned on in the next couple of weeks after some cleaning took place.

Dates were next on the agenda. Opening Day was set for May 11th. Registration deadline and assessment day will be April 13th.

Each age division will be as follows: T-ball 4-6, Coaches Pitch 7-9 and a 13U ages10-13. Since the league will not be sanctioned this year children have the opportunity to play up or down depending on skill. That will be determined on skills assessment day.

Michael will work on a new logo for the league. Once that is complete there will be a new Facebook page created. Be on the lookout for that very soon! The next meeting will be Saturday the 24th at 3:30, weather permitting at the ball field, if not the meeting will be held at city hall. Clean up will continue every Saturday, weather permitting, starting at noon.