Montpelier, Indiana

Boards & Commissions

Board of Works

The Board of Works’ major responsibility is ensuring police and fire protection, street, and municipal water and sewer operations for the City of Montpelier. In addition, the Board approves and maintains all contractual agreements in which the City enters.

Robert Benbow – President
Mayor Kathy Bantz – Member
Gary Blumenhorst – Member

Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission’s mission is to address the conditions associated with areas in need of redevelopment and the underutilization of land and/or barriers to development. One of the main instruments the Redevelopment Commission uses to accomplish this is the establishment and maintenance of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts.

The Mayor appoints three members of the Redevelopment Commission, and the City Council appoints two members.

Richard Sills – President
Jack Moore – Vice President
Mayor Kathy Bantz – Member
Jesse Johnson – Member
Douglas Richardson – Member