Starting on May 30th and continuing through August 31st, 2023, depending on weather and other factors, Indiana Michigan Power is expected to be in our area to implement their vegetation management work in their power line right-of-ways.  This maintenance helps ensure the safe operation and reliability of the power lines.

Work involves spraying an herbicide to target brush and tall-growing tree species in the right-of-way.  Crews will wear hard hats, high-visibility vests, carry an ID badge and will clearly display identification on vehicles. Crews may be spraying by truck or by hand-held sprayers so please slow down and be considerate of workers’ safety.    Some areas may require the use of a helicopter for spraying which would occur early morning or evening hours when winds are calmest.

Crews don’t intend to spray crop fields, gardens, fruit orchards, grass yards or Christmas tree farms.   They leave a buffer zone on both sides of streams, cultivated fields, pastures, orchards and residences.