Montpelier witnessed an extraordinary event on July 26th as the community came together for an unforgettable Summer Luau Beach Party Back-to-School Carnival. The success of this carnival can be attributed to the incredible support from Smith Insurance Services, the ECI Regional Planning District (ECIRPD), and many other generous contributors. It was a celebration of our community’s unwavering commitment to the education and well-being of our incredible kids.

The carnival brought forth over 150 enthusiastic students from K-8th grade who infused the atmosphere with an abundance of excitement. The day was filled with fun games, delicious food, and the classic favorite—the dunk tank. The Montpelier Fire Department added to the joy by letting the kids play in the water from their firetruck hose. 

Beyond the festive spirit, the Montpelier community displayed its collective dedication to ensuring that local children had all the necessary school supplies. The planning and execution of the event itself were a testament to the community’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all its residents. This vibrant carnival also showcased the remarkable power of public-private partnerships in creating community-driven events.

Thanks to the support of valued partners, the carnival not only marked the end of summer but also ignited excitement and camaraderie among the young participants as they prepared for the upcoming school year. The engaging games, delightful food, and the exhilarating dunk tank, along with the refreshing water adventure from the Montpelier Fire Department’s water truck, all contributed to the heartwarming enthusiasm of the children.

The Summer Luau Beach Party Back-to-School Carnival served as a powerful testament to the deep bonds within the Montpelier community. Looking ahead, we are thrilled to continue creating unforgettable moments that contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.