Montpelier, Indiana, like many other communities in the United States, has a significant issue with getting high-speed internet to all of its residents. With individuals working from home and online learning, access to reliable and fast internet has become a critical issue. As a result, the city is exploring the possibility of bringing high-speed internet to every home in Montpelier.

The city has partnered with Mainstream Fiber, a company that currently provides internet service to several commercial facilities in the area, including City Hall. Mainstream Fiber has proposed an estimated cost of $950,000 for the project. To fund the project, the city would apply for an OCRA Grant of $475,000, Mainstream Fiber would absorb $325,000, and the City of Montpelier would contribute $150,000.

The proposal is still in its early stages, and the city needs to collect some preliminary data to determine if the project is feasible. This data will be used to determine if the project is economically viable and if there is enough demand for high-speed internet in Montpelier to make it worthwhile.

There are several benefits to bringing high-speed internet to every home in Montpelier. First and foremost, it would improve the quality of life for residents. With fast and reliable internet, residents would have access to online education and job opportunities, telemedicine, and a host of other services that require a reliable internet connection. Additionally, it would make Montpelier a more attractive location for businesses, potentially creating new jobs and driving economic growth.

If you are interested in providing the City of Montpelier with useful data that could help bring high-speed internet to the area, please take this survey.