123 S Main in Montpelier, Indiana has been the focus of a recent community effort to secure funding for building improvements. The city has applied for an RD (Rural Development) Grant in order to renovate the building and potentially transform it into a new medical facility.

The proposed medical facility would provide a range of services to the community. This would be a significant addition to Montpelier. The RD Grant would provide funding for building improvements, including electrical and plumbing updates, new windows, and roof repairs. While the project is still in the planning stages, the city is excited about the potential benefits of the new medical facility. In addition, the facility would also create new jobs and help drive economic growth in the area.

Overall, the renovation of 123 S Main is a positive step forward for Montpelier. The city’s efforts to secure funding for building improvements show a commitment to improving the community’s infrastructure and providing essential services to residents.